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CLOUD: The $396B Investment

Research firm Gartner expects end-user spending on public cloud services to climb to $396 billion this year and increase 21.7 percent to $482 billion in 2022. It predicts public cloud spending will account for more than 45 percent of all enterprise IT spending by 2026, up from less than 17 percent this year.

Are you making plans to evolve your IT infrastructure to take it to the next level and need help in the planning process?

Digital transformation can be a dauting tasked that some IT leaders see as a challenge to get started. Rgent can help you take that step. IT is now such a critical element of success for every business, and it can impact an enterprises bottom line in a positive or negative way if technology infrastructure is not deployed and managed correctly.

The Cloud can optimize and provide a competitive advantage for most enterprise users if done the right way. Finding the right balance of public cloud and private cloud solutions is key to future proofing technology infrastructure for many enterprises.

Rgent Technology can offer cloud solutions that are more secure, more predictable and more scalable than other on-premise solutions. We have access to 30+ cloud technology solutions. Rely on our experience to help recommend the top suppliers for each technology.

Ready to get the best solution for your business?

Leverage Rgent’s 40+ years of telecom and technology experience to design, plan and deploy technology solutions that will allow you to focus on your customers and grow your business.