The telecom landscape is confusing, difficult to navigate, and expensive for business owners and IT leaders who don’t speak the secret language of telecom.


Connectivity, reliability, remote workers, compliance, security, and service levels agreements (SLAs) are all things that must be managed and fully understood. According to 451 Research, part of S&P Global Intelligence, the rise of public clouds, hybrid clouds and SaaS services has put a new spotlight on networking, and therefore on interconnection.

Through our strategic relationships with 70+ service providers, Rgent Technology is the trusted advisor and strategic partner that helps IT leaders design and deploy best-in-class solutions.

Our Connectivity Solutions Include:


Traditional telecom providers and cable companies offer a wide array of connectivity options. We work with top Tier 1 network companies.



When you want the best of the best internet connections, you want fiber optics. Fiber optics offers blisteringly fast internet speeds that your business can take advantage of today.


Satellite and WiFi

Based on your business needs, satellite Internet may be the best solution. Rgent has the experience to mix and match wire-line connectivity with satellite & wireless solutions.


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Leverage Rgent’s 40+ years of telecom and technology experience to design, plan and deploy technology solutions that will allow you to focus on your customers and grow your business.