UCAAS: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently has released updated usage figures for MS Teams, and they indicated the platform now has over 250 million monthly active users (MAU) on a global basis.  Microsoft also stated numbers for MS Teams phone users for the first time, which is over 80 million MAU globally. They did not break out numbers for those only using MS Teams on an internal basis vs those who use it as a full UCaaS phone system.

Reporting at this level is a change in approaching regarding how Microsoft repots these user numbers from the past, which had previously been reported on as daily user numbers. Prior to this update, the most recent statistic stood at 145 million daily active users, in the second quarter of 2021.

On an earnings call, transcribed by Seeking Alpha, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had several key quotes that highlights the groundbreaking success MS Teams is experiencing:

  • “Teams usage has never been higher. “We are nearly 250 million monthly active users as people use Teams each day to communicate, collaborate and co-author content across work, life and learning. “
  • “We are leading in the new and growing enterprise phone category. Just like video meetings, chat and business processes happen in Teams, calls happen in Teams, creating a huge new opportunity”
  • “We have nearly 80 million monthly active Teams Phones users, with total calls surpassing 1 billion in a single month this quarter, and we’re just getting started.”

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CLOUD: The $396B Investment

Research firm Gartner expects end-user spending on public cloud services to climb to $396 billion this year and increase 21.7 percent to $482 billion in 2022. It predicts public cloud spending will account for more than 45 percent of all enterprise IT spending by 2026, up from less than 17 percent this year.

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The Cloud can optimize and provide a competitive advantage for most enterprise users if done the right way. Finding the right balance of public cloud and private cloud solutions is key to future proofing technology infrastructure for many enterprises.

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CYBERSECURITY: Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

The U.S. government is enlisting the help of key tech companies to help in the fight against the recent string of cyber attacks sweeping across the country. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have been asked to help the country’s critical infrastructure defenses against the rising threat of cyber attacks that are impacting the critical infrastructure of enterprise users in the US.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is introducing a new initiative, called the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative. The program will focus on combating ransomware and cyberattacks on cloud-computing providers. When these cloud networks are attacked it impacts enterprise users all over the US.

The goal of the program is to improve defense planning and information sharing between government cyber agencies and the private sector with the goal of reducing the impact to US businesses. Over the past 12 months, ransomware attacks have skyrocketed and disrupted large parts of enterprises users in the U.S. The attacks have had a wide range of impacts from emergency services provided by ambulances, the energy industry along with a major US meat packer.

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